Bring it on!

Christmas orders are done and shipped. I’m ready for more painting projects!! Click “art” on homepage for details.


Life, lately

Life, lately, has been buzzing in anticipation of the coming holiday.  Lots of pajama days… Lots of packages arriving in the mail…. Lots of puppy snuggles… Lots of play time… Lots of love.

North America… see!

Sometimes I’m totally blown away by how specific kids’ interests are and how extensive their knowledge is.  I was sitting next to my boy painting the other night.  I looked up at him and had NO idea what he was working on…. So I asked.

He looked up at me and said “painting North America… see!”

What?!  I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t paint North American that well.  We so often assume kids don’t or can’t understand.  But this moment made me realize how little I understand!  How I assume because of years, I see things more clearly.

This little moment put that innate superiority in it’s place and reminded me how brilliant each little kiddo is.  Oliver has his geography… and I’m sure your babies have their geniuses.  I love watching him acquire passions and teach me a thing or two along the way.


Experiments in gold

I’m not one to shy away from maximilism… gems, tassels, sparkles… so when it comes to minimalist art work (i.e. silhouettes), I like to play with the palette.

When I make silhouettes for my family, I tend to use interesting blues and greys, but today I drummed up an old pic of O and started to experiment with metallic paints

I love how the use of gold adds another dimensions.  The layers of paint are more visible which brings thought to process.  I also think that the sparkle pulls you in, makes you want to look closer and creates a unique viewing experience depending on the light.

So, if you’re feeling like you want to put a little spin on your custom silhouette painting, dare to be different…. Ask me about metallic options.img_0971

Family Time

Weekends like this past one, make me wish I lived on a compound.  The compound would be full of my loved ones.  We’d spend our days on the couch… we’d sip coffee… chat or not, because with family the silence is comfortable.  We’d bake and proceed to gorge on the product.  Our kiddos would chase each other in circles around the house… and we’d laugh as they toddle and zoom around.

But wishes don’t make real.  Sunday comes, and reality sets in.  Every time family leaves, Oliver sobs.  He, too, wishes that this were our reality.  I guess, for now, we’ll have to settle on our weekends and wishes.  Maybe someday my compound will come true.

Puppy PARTY!

When I started to plan O’s 5th he made it clear that his party MUST revolve around pups… boy comes by it honestly. His mama loves her some pups… poodles to be specific! So, it was with great enthusiasm, that I planned this party.

He and I worked together to create large puppy silhouettes to place around the house and the kids really loved posing next to the pup paintings.

We decided to create a puppy adoption center for the kids.  Each child picked a little puppy to adopt.  They then designed dog houses (i.e. take out boxes) with markers and paint.  They used pipe cleaners and beads to create collars for their puppies and I have to say that this was the hit of the party!  The kids doted on their little pups… had puppy play dates… it was TOO cute!

I fully intended to play “Pin the Poof on the Poodle” but the kids were so involved with their puppy adoptions that we ran out of time!  We scarfed some hot dogs… chowed down on some cake… and just like that… O’s 5th party party had come and gone!  Slow down please, I’ve completely lost the ability to keep time… it flies.