Entry 1!

Wow my very first blog entry… intimidating.  I am writing this blog as a result of a quarter life crisis:  I can’t remember how I got where I am today!  So this blog will be a record of day to day events and mostly my creations, good and bad.

I just got back from a great trip to Michigan over the holidays.  I got to spend time with family… stuff myself with vegan fare… and sew!  Yes, that’s right, I am the proud owner of a sewing machine.  I dropped more than a few hints and found myself the recipient of a sewing machine on Christmas.  I love it, can’t get enough of it…

Visiting with my oh so cute cousin on Christmas!

One of my newly sewn dresses (did I mention that I now have a sewing machine!) made from a pattern in “Weekend Sewing”, my new favorite book!  With a little help from Mom it came together easily.

Well my new yarn is calling… “please knit me”… so I must comply

With love,



One thought on “Entry 1!

  1. hey, I didn’t know you were blogging! Just caught wind of this and I love seeing the pictures. You very quickly put that sewing machine to good use. You could sell that dress in Anthropologie for a hundred bucks!

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