Getting your hands dirty with clay pendants

As an art teacher I create all day with wee ones, but I still love to create for myself!  My medium of choice this week:  clay.  I’ve been working in clay with the kids all week and having been dying to get my hands dirty!  I may love clay as much as the kids I teach.  We all have a special gleam in our eyes when there is clay in the art room.  There’s something about it… the earthy feeling, manipulating it comes so naturally, it’s second nature…  This week I used a bit of my clay to make pendants. They are so much fun to sculpt and make wonderful gifts, if you can part with them.

I start by shaping the base of the pendant.  Then I add texture with shells and roll coils for decoration.

Here are a few pendants I finished the other night.  They are waiting to be bisque fired, then need to be glazed and fired one more time.  Projects like this are difficult if you don’t have access to a kiln, but if you can find one give it a try.  I promise, you’ll love getting all muddy!

With love,



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