So, I promise the snow blogging will end soon, but we are in the middle of “snowpocalypse”!  I must say, I enjoyed it for a while… Leisurely walks with the dogs…

Looking up at the snow-covered trees

Watching the “kids” (when I say kids, I mean grown men) running around with their snow boards and sleds…

But I must say I’m done now… did hear that mother nature… “UNCLE”… you win!  I said I wanted snow and I got it, but really?  The storm of the century?  I’m currently bundled inside my cozy home for round 2, hoping and praying that my power stays on this time!  Wish me luck 🙂

With love,



Wife of a climber

There are certain situations that bring out the differences between my husband and myself.  Our recent snowstorm is a perfect example.  My reaction is to stay inside and eat tons of calories in some sort of intuitive effort to keep warm.  My husband’s reaction is obvious to any climber:  Get out there while the ice is good!

Do I love him just the same despite this difference?  Yes…

Do I think he’s crazy?  Absolutely…

Do I worry about him?  Of course… But I know he’s safe.  He’s a great climber and very technically skilled.  When he goes on these excursions, one of my major concerns is his caloric intake.  My husband has a tendency to forget to eat!  I have never had that problem in my life, I don’t understand it and never will.  In an effort to ensure that he takes in adequate calories I have worked on a recipe for a high calorie energy bar to keep him going.  Any wife of a climber will be happy to hear that they taste good and can keep those “crazy” boys going all day.  They don’t look super appetizing, but they are and really easy to make.  The basic idea comes from a favorite of mine, no bake cookies.  The preparation is similar, only without chocolate and with honey replacing the sugar.

Peanut butter & honey energy bar

1 C honey

1 C peanut butter (I used natural, creamy)

2 3/4 C uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal

1/2 C peanuts

1 t vanilla extract

1 t cinnamon

Optional:  Any of the following would make a great addition to these bars:  chocolate chips, protein powder, coconut, other types of nuts, dried fruit…

The recipe is also good with almond butter replacing the peanut butter.

Combine peanut butter and honey in a pot over low heat until they become runny.  Add oatmeal, peanuts, vanilla and cinnamon and mix.  Pour finished mixture into cookie pan lined with parchment paper.  Allow to cool, then cut into bars.  I wrap them individually in Reynolds wrap so they are easy to grab and go.

This morning as my husband left for his climbing trip, I slipped a few in his pockets… Reminding him to stay warm and EAT!

With love,


A list I can carry out…

I am by nature a list maker… I’m a planner.  I have gone so far as to have a list of to-do lists… recipes I would like to make, chores for the house, crafts I want to complete, items I need to buy at the hardware store…

I do have good intentions, but to be honest I doubt I will complete them any time soon.

So today I will make a list of things I can… and want to complete

1. Linger in bed, snuggle your husband and dogs to your heart’s content.

2. Upon waking make yourself a big cup of tea and enjoy the moment… stare out the window at the snow, think useless thoughts, accomplish nothing.

3. Proceed to take out a book… not a “real” book that will result in the gaining of knowledge, but an easy read.

4.  When your eyes start to feel heavy, let them fall.  Take that nap!

5. Don’t feel guilty… sometimes you need a day in which you achieve absolutely nothing, that is an achievement all on its own!

With love,


Snowed in… with butter and sugar for company

So… I know I have been writing about snow a lot lately, but today how can I not?  I am looking out my window at 2 feet of snow, and there is no sign of it stopping.  It’s so cold in fact that even Quinn, my Siberian Husky, doesn’t want to be outside…

“Please can I go out, Mom?”

“Smells cold out!”

“Too cold!”

“Okay, I changed my mind…”

“Let me in, please!”

Now, I have been thoroughly enjoying the snow from my warm, toasty house (with the exception of a 2 hour power outage).  So what is a girl to do… stranded indoors… with lots of butter and sugar available… why cook and bake of course!  I need to work on my lipid layers in case the power goes out again.

Would you like to join me?

Macaroni and Cheese, perhaps? (If you were wondering those are the hydroponically, locally grown tomatoes I referred to.  They taste much better covered in cheese, but really, what doesn’t?)

Some cauliflower maybe?… yes this meal was healthy, it included vegetables… geez!

Chocolate chip cookies? or maybe….


The possibilities are endless, I think I will eat yet another snickerdoodle while I decide whether to make brownies or apple bread next… the choices!

With love,



The snow is no longer fun… I haven’t had power since noontime today and don’t expect it back until tomorrow evening.  Thank goodness for wonderful friends.  Krystal, you’re the best, what would I do without you?!

Fingerless mitts and a snow day

Last night I finished these fingerless mitts from a pattern in Weekend Knitting.  They knit up really easily in a couple of hours and they are so warm.

I was just on time in finishing them as this was my view in waking.  Yes, I will definitely be needing all the warm winter wear I can find.

As a teacher, when you wake up and see a site like this you immediately run to the computer to check for cancellations…. and YES… SNOW DAY!  Teaching is the best job ever.  I can hear all my neighbors digging out their cars and trying in vain to make their way up our steep, snow-covered hill.    All the while I am sitting in bed with no plans for the day…

When I finally found my way from bed I had formulated a plan for the day…make waffles.  And so I did… with little else to show for the day I am content.  If only everyday were this relaxing.

With love,


Yet another snowy day…

I’ve only lived in Virginia for 4 years, but I must say that this year has been the snowiest… by far.  From what I hear from locals, it’s the snowiest winter in decades… and call me a sadist, but I’m loving it!

I love how my little home looks all covered in snow…

I love looking up at the snow covered trees stretched out over a crisp blue sky…

I love watching my boys romp through the snow…

And most of all I love returning inside to a warm, cozy home… cuddling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book… and taking it all in.

With love,