Yet another snowy day…

I’ve only lived in Virginia for 4 years, but I must say that this year has been the snowiest… by far.  From what I hear from locals, it’s the snowiest winter in decades… and call me a sadist, but I’m loving it!

I love how my little home looks all covered in snow…

I love looking up at the snow covered trees stretched out over a crisp blue sky…

I love watching my boys romp through the snow…

And most of all I love returning inside to a warm, cozy home… cuddling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book… and taking it all in.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Yet another snowy day…

  1. This is our third winter in the mountains. I’d never even seen snow falling until we moved here. The locals think I’m nuts, but I still get so excited when it snows.

  2. well my dear these blogs are very nice… i mean they are lacking in bragging about your sister which is hard to go without;) i like it, i can see what your up to, because we all know i suck on the phone, but you do seem a little mature for me;)

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