A list I can carry out…

I am by nature a list maker… I’m a planner.  I have gone so far as to have a list of to-do lists… recipes I would like to make, chores for the house, crafts I want to complete, items I need to buy at the hardware store…

I do have good intentions, but to be honest I doubt I will complete them any time soon.

So today I will make a list of things I can… and want to complete

1. Linger in bed, snuggle your husband and dogs to your heart’s content.

2. Upon waking make yourself a big cup of tea and enjoy the moment… stare out the window at the snow, think useless thoughts, accomplish nothing.

3. Proceed to take out a book… not a “real” book that will result in the gaining of knowledge, but an easy read.

4.  When your eyes start to feel heavy, let them fall.  Take that nap!

5. Don’t feel guilty… sometimes you need a day in which you achieve absolutely nothing, that is an achievement all on its own!

With love,



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