Wedding weekend… WAAAHHHH

So crying was my theme this weekend… don’t worry, good crying!  It was my sister’s wedding weekend! 2015-06-05 15-26-32

In the past I have prided myself on being stoic.  I wasn’t one of those people who cried during sappy movies… Heck, I didn’t even cry at my OWN WEDDING!

Well… let’s just blame it on mom hormones, because pride has been thrown aside.  When I saw this girl walk down the aisle pride was not even in my periferal vision.

I was a blubbering mess.  She looked beautiful, her beau was looking dapper as well… I just love them both so much…  Here come the water works!

So here are a few little snippets from the fun weekend.  Beach weddings are the best, the perfect excuse to crack a book and watch your toddler… and let’s be honest, your husband, PLAY!

cropped-screenshot-instagram-com-2015-06-05-15-02-3731.png 2015-06-05 15-27-13 (1) 2015-06-05 15-37-04 2015-06-05 15-26-53

And.. BTW, how stinking cute are little boys in bow ties?!?!?!

You’ll notice the total absence of photos of the matron of honor, moi.  Mainly because I have running mascara in all of them…

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Charles!  May life be full of love and laughter… I know it will.

With love,



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