screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 19-04-06

If you’ve been in Winchester for more than 5 minutes you’ve heard of Dinosaur Land.

It’s legend here, and with good reason.  A showpiece of kitschy Americana!  I don’t know how we made it this long without going… but today our lives have been altered for the better.

Dinosaur Land:  You are my new favorite.  I will be bringing EVERY person who comes to visit here.  You are hysterical, fun, crazy, wonderful… All wrapped up into 50 life-sized DINOSAURS.

I’m not entirely sure if Ollie, Galen or me enjoyed this experience more… As a family though… this rates pretty high for us.

screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 19-05-22 screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 19-05-05

screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 19-04-43 screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 19-04-19

With love,



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