Weddings and watercolors

As matron of honor in my sister’s wedding, I was responsible for writing a wedding speech.  I was beyond worried… So worried that I didn’t even touch pen to paper until a couple weeks before.  I wasn’t even going to begin that day, until I randomly came across this quote,

“Anyone can be passionate, but it takes true lovers to be silly” by Rose Franken.  And then words poured…

Of all the things I love about my sister, I love her silliness the most.  The way her laugh can turn any situation into a goofy one.  And what I love the most about Doug is the way he brings out this light, joyful laugh in Julie.

After sobbing on repeat while I wrapped up my speech, I started to wonder what other people were working on for the wedding… What speeches… What vows… What words…

I wanted to make something for Doug and Julie that summed up how much we all love them and how much they love each other.



This painting is what  I came up with.  It is a montage of the words that I heard over and over on their big day!

I’ve been really loving watercolors lately, so that is what I used.  Liquid watercolors have converted me!

I’m hoping they love this painting as much as I loved painting it for them.

With love,



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