A beach, in West Virginia?!

YES!  Who knew?

screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 12-48-17

Coming from Michigan, I was spoiled.  There is a lake about every 30 miles or so… not to mention the Great Lakes!

Virginia is a different story.  Did you know that there are no natural lakes in Virginia?  I didn’t!

Some hot days I’d give just about anything to dip my fit into some cool water.  And in between clouds and cold last week, we had a few of those.  I had some inside intel about a lake in West Virginia and let me tell you…My source did not disappoint.

The lake is situated in a beautiful park with hiking trails, and for $5 Ollie and I had the lake to ourselves.  It was perfect to wade, play and splash in.

screenshot-instagram.com 2015-06-06 12-48-56

And check out my new beach towel!  A gift from my mom of course… like essentially every other nice thing I own.  Thanks mom!

And thanks, West Virginia, for living up to hashtag #wildandwonderful!

With love,



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