Sailing and Single Parenting

Hats off to all the single parents out there.  I made it for approximately 1 WEEK!  Yes, 1 week… And I am ready to collapse!  Holy hard work.  Not a second to gather your thoughts… ALWAYS ON.

Don’t get me wrong, Ollie is the love of my life… But darn do I like my quiet time.

No worries all… Galen is alive, well, and still stuck with me!  He was on a sailing trip.  He had the opportunity help a friend sail from South Carolina to Maryland, and if you know much of Galen, you know there was no thought other than to go! 2015-06-06 20-04-10

We could not be more different in that regard.

When weighing the possibility of my EVER sailing for a week I decided I’d rather have my toenails ripped out.  Upon further thought, I’ve modified my decision:  I’d rather have one toenail ripped out, then make a final decision based upon my pain threshold…

1 or 10 toenails aside… What I’m saying is, “NO thank you!”

Gotta love his enthusiasm and willingness to try something new… ALWAYS.

In short, Galen described the trip as “terrifying and wonderful… an adventure to be sure”.  When asked if he’d do it again… “In a second!”

IMG_1339 2015-06-06 20-04-28 2015-06-06 20-03-21  IMG_1338

IMG_1343     IMG_1335


Living adventures vicariously through Galen is plenty adventure for me.

With love,



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