Printmaking… beat that, ZARA!

How cute is this Zara boys t-shirt?!  I just love their kids clothes.  They are ever so adorable, without looking too babyish. 2015-06-06 14-02-02 2015-06-06 14-02-29

I saw this and knew Ollie needed it… the arrows remind me of his adventurous spirit, and wild streak.

But being the selfish mom that I am…I had already broken the bank this month…  This dress!  Do you love it as much as I do?!  I’m wearing it right now as I write this, and am feeling only remotely bad for my selfish mothering choices, because this dress is just that great!

Rather than whip out the ol’ credit card, I decided to take some of O’s tees and make my own version of the shirt for him. 2015-06-06 13-53-25 2015-06-06 13-52-47 (2)

I used a linoleum block and carved some arrows, then stamped onto old t-shirts.  Ollie’s shirts don’t look quite as polished as the Zara one, but I like them none-the-less.  I’m hoping that if I stand next to O in my crazy-chic, new dress that we will average into a polished looking family.  We’ll see!

With love,



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