Back to school madness

So the last few weeks have been madness. All my teacher friends know exactly what I mean!  After mornings of leisurely sipping coffee while working on crosswords; afternoons comprised of binge watching, play dates and reading for ENJOYMENT…. We’re back at it!  It’s a shock to the system, but oh so much fun!!

Here are a few shots of my amazing art room!  I am without a doubt the most spoiled art teacher in the world!  How cool are these Warhol soup labels?!  You can print your own here

I was cracking myself up with this “Dont hate the selfie” bulletin board.    Vermeer posting to Instagram!!  Bahahaha!! 😂😂I’m such a nerd that I actually calculated that this painting was finished 18,200 weeks ago. Just wanted to make sure that little instagram clock was accurate. Yeah…     The chandeliers in the photos below were made by science club last year. We did a lesson about recycled art. The kiddos collected water bottles, colored them with sharpies, cut them into spirals and voila!  They were inspired the the amazing glass sculptor Dale Chihuly.   The kids have been so excited about seeing them installed around the art room!   This last photo is by far my favorite. My art class is lovely, but it’s just not the same without the enthusiasm of all these little artists.

I can’t wait to see what art adventures we get in to this year!!

With love,



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