Playing Fall

I know, all you seasonal purists are rolling your eyes…  But this cool morning weather already has me itching for fall!  Today was cool enough for me to keep my sweat pants on ALL DAY!  That fact alone makes it a good day in my book.

So I decided to play fall…  Watermelon?  No thanks, apples with caramel dip.  Black coffee?  Not today, coffee with pumpkin creamer.  And for lunch, a fall twist on our summer tomatoes:  Tomato soup.  I basically followed this recipe, tripling it for freezing, doubling the garlic, throwing in some parmesan and a wee bit of liquid smoke to give it depth.

Panera ain’t got nothin on this.  And that’s quite a statement coming from me, because I love me some Panera!

I’m thinking of making grilled cheese croutons and throwing them in for dinner tonight.

Can hardly wait… for dinner… and for fall.

With love,



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