River rats

It wasn’t until I was scrolling through  photos on my iPhone that I realized how much we’ve been at the river lately!  I’m pretty sure we’ve become river rats… Correction Galen, Ollie and Arlo are river rats, I’m more a river rat by association.

All 3 of these boys would rather be on the river than anywhere else in the world… As you can see here.

This picture cracks me up.  I don’t even remember what these 3 are looking at, but it is just so telling.  They are all ready and willing to hop off a bridge in search of a fish… or stick… or goodness knows what.

How did I ever wind up with this crazy crew?

I have a lot of pics like these ones!  Galen and Ollie getting into something… anything.  I’m somewhere in the distance wondering “What in the world   have I gotten myself into?!”

Adventure after adventure with these guys.  Pretty stinkin’ cute adventures though!

With love,



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