Tomatoes and overpopulation

The dinner menu at our house the past few weeks reads something like this:  tomatoes on toast, tomatoes with eggs, tomato gratin, caprese salad, tomato pie, b.l.t.s, pasta with marinara, pizza margherita, tacos with salsa, …

Notice a theme?  TOMATOES, TOMATOES and more TOMATOES.


We have a serious tomato overpopulation problem.  Now in terms of overpopulation problems, tomato overpopulation is pretty benign.  In fact, I welcome a tomato overpopulation “problem”… but holy smokes.  I need to take antacid just thinking about all the tomatoes I’ve consumed the past few weeks.

Part of what’s happening here is that I’m trying to avoid canning. It’s just too stinking hot to boil water for hours and shuffle hot jars.  I’ve been making triple recipes and freezing.  So far so good, but G came in with this box of tomatoes a few hours ago.  I see a day of hot jars in my future.

So, in short:  Need tomatoes?  Come on over, we’ve got plenty to share!

With love,



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