What’s left of the berries and cherries

One of my favorite things about Virginia is the countryside. Rolling hills with mountains on the horizon… Wineries… Farms… There should be a picture of these Virginia landscapes under “bucolic” in the dictionary. If it were a painting it would be almost too picturesque….  Too pretty to paint.

But it is real, and nestled on the curvy roads are a plethora of pick your own farms. I’m a big fan!  I just can’t get enough of summer days at these farms. Many of them have playgrounds for the little ones, markets with fresh produce for sale, perfect picnic spots…. It’s all just too stinking idyllic!

Earlier this summer we went a little overboard at a pick your own farm. Cherries, blueberries and raspberries galore.

We ate so many fresh but couldn’t make it through them all. So we froze all sorts of tasty berry treats:  jam, pies, muffins, turnovers…

This morning I pulled these babies out.  These turnovers are just the right amount of sweet and tart. I thought I’d share the recipe because they froze so well!  I chose this recipe because it calls for tapioca instead of cornstarch. I’m not a fan of cornstarch. It seems to change the texture of fruit.

I topped my turnovers with cream cheese frosting because in my opinion: The more butter and sugar, the better!

So that’s what’s left of our summer berries and cherries.  Now we’re just waiting for apples!

With love,



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