Labor Day in the Big Apple

Well New York, you’ve done it again. You’ve made it almost impossible to willingly come home. Leaving you is always tough, but the mild weather this Labor Day weekend made it extra hard!

Every Labor Day my family meets in NYC. This may be my favorite of all our family traditions. Our trips have changed a bit with the a toddler in tow…  Earlier dinners, more parks, fewer museums…  But the basics remain the same:  food (all kinds of food!), drinks (too many drinks), tennis (U.S. Open action!), and some sort of theatre or music (Fun Home this year. Purchase tickets for this ASAP!!! Soooo good.)

Here are a few random pics from our weekend…


So thank you New York for being so wonderful that my kid cried for “more” of you on the way home… and then proceeded to sleep for the whole 5 hour trip home because you were so much fun! I’m already looking forward the “more” New York next year.

With love,



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