Art room week in review

Every week I snap way too many pictures of the beautiful art happening all around me.  My phone is filled with two photo categories:  My kid and kids’ art.  I guess that says more than a little about me!!

I was thinking that each week I’d post a few of the pictures I take as an “art room week in review”. This week has been a whirlwind!  4 days have come and gone so quickly.  We are starting to transition from self portraits to fall lessons.  I’m a sucker for seasonal art, so… Beware!  Like these first grade leaves.  If you’re a first grade parent and one of these gets sent home consider yourself lucky.  I really want to frame every last one of these and hang them in my home!!

We’ve been learning about foreground, middleground and background while drawing fall landscapes in second grade.  The pic below shows their works in progress.  It cracks me up that they don’t even flinch when I climb onto their tables, stand and take pics… They’re busy!

Third graders are painting paper in intermediate colors.  These papers will be transformed into beautiful leaves inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s leaves at Lake George.


Off the fall topic for a minute…  Fourth graders are moving from gesture drawings to studying Keith Haring.  Kids LOVE Keith Haring, ALWAYS.  His work is so relateable and easy to love!  The pics below cracked me up… One has turned himself into a superhero (Keith Haring-style) and the other kiddo drew a t.v. head man and inside there is a whole other scene of people… Art inside art!  I love how kids’ brains work!


These pieces are from a couple weeks ago, but they still blow me away…


And hall displays….  Love sharing the beautiful work these kids create!!

Hope you enjoyed our art room week in review… Until next week!

With love,



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