Perfect play doh

IMG_0018What kid doesn’t love play doh?! and what Mom doesn’t love the HOUR of quiet time you get when you hand your kiddo play doh!  We use lots of play doh at our house…  We have a play dough kit:  extruders, cookie cutters, rollers… all thrown together in a little box.  In the summer we throw it out on the deck so we don’t have to worry about mess. 2015-09-17 18-55-35

I thought I’d share my go-to play dough recipe with you.  It’s the same one I used growing up.  The smell of this play doh brings back all sorts of memories.  We had a play doh dental kit growing up, oddly enough.  I googled around for a pic to show you, because it’s just too wierd to imagine!  I feel a strong urge to find one of these for our home.  EBAY… I’ll get looking!  So without further ado… a 30-something year old tried and true play dogh recipe!

Perfect Play DohIMG_3169IMG_0022

1 C flour

1 C water

1 T cream of tartar

1 T vegetable oil

1/2 C salt

Food coloring

Mix all ingredients in sauce pan. Put over low-medium heat and stir constantly.  Keep over heat until ball forms.  Then get to work PLAYIN’!

Hoping your family gets as much fun… and grown up quiet time… out of this recipe as ours has!

With love,



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