Fall solstice + A garland project

 I am a mid-westerner at heart…  I can out-courtesy wave anyone, I say pop, I admit to attending my share of tractor pulls … AND I just LOVE seasons.  Although that may be the former mid-westerner in me speaking, because current mid-westerners DO seasons, but don’t always LOVE them… Either way… It’s fall, and I’m loving it.

Pumpkin everything, falling leaves, crisp morning air…

I am all ready to decorate for Halloween, but I’ve been given a strict timeline for decorating this year.

I can get out of hand, and decorate like months before the actual holiday.  Let it be known that years ago… MANY years ago…. I decorated for Christmas exactly 100 days before the actual holiday.

So, a strict timeline may not be a bad idea for me… So October 1st.  That is when I can decorate for Halloween….

But FALL… well I can start decorating for fall now… Because it is FALL (like one day in)!
IMG_3233I was playing around with ideas for leaf garland and had a couple of flops.  But my flops have come full circle and I am loving what I came up with.  I started by scavenging for leaves.  I found that the sturdier leaves, like holly leaves, worked best for this project.  I stamped the leaves I found onto an ink pad like this one.

Then, I dusted the leaves with embossing powder and ran a heat gun over them.

These sparkling little leaves are beautiful.  I don’t think that you can quite capture the iridescence of them in a photo.  I varied the color of the leaves by using multiple colors of ink and embossing powder.

The last step was simple… Just stringing the leaves onto some embroidery floss.  I did put a little dab of glue on the leaves’ stems to keep them from wiggling out of their knots.

And there you have it… FALL, not Halloween, decorating ideas.  Until October 1st…

With love,



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