Pretty pictures… and SLIME

Those two go together, right?  Well, they seemed to go hand in hand this past weekend at my house.  When I was scrolling through pics on my phone “pretty” and “slime” were the common themes.

I’ll get to the pretty first.  How stinking pretty is Winchester?!… and how incredibly picturesque is this lovely little group of friends we have.  Between just roaming the city, hiking, and a “pizza party” (AKA 5.99 Anthony’s PIZZA!) this week was filled with beauty and tender moments like these…

     IMG_3183      IMG_3211

And now to the slime….  I saw this recipe for slime and just had to try it.  I have many fond memories of Gak, Floam, and Nickelodeon slime.  I’ve just been waiting for O to be old enough to really appreciate some good ol’ slime.  I’m really not sure who enjoyed this more… me or him.  It just so fun to smoosh, dangle, and swing around.  I did alter the recipe that I linked to and wanted to share what worked best for me.

I did 2 batches of slime and they came out very differently… both fun, just different.

For firmer slime (like it’s gonna be in your house slime):

1 5 oz bottle of glue

food coloring/liquid watercolors

optional glitter

2/3 C Sta Flo Liquid starch.

For ooier, gooier slime:

1 5 oz bottle of glue

food coloring/liquid watercolors

optional glitter

1/4-1/2 C Sta Flo Liquid starch

In both recipes mix all ingredients except liquid starch.  Then slowly add liquid starch.  Start to stir with spoon, but as it thickens you may want to use your hands.

One of my batches started to get oddly stringy… it was also kind of fun, but unexpected.  I put it into a strainer and ran warm water over top, and it changed the texture back to slime.

We stored our slime in a ziploc and it’s still going strong.

So here’s to the important things in life:  Beauty and Slime.  Our world would be incomplete without you both.

With love,



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