Art Room Week(ish) in Review 2015-09-24 10-11-45So, it honestly hasn’t ended up being much of a week for me!  I’ve spent 2 of my 5 work days at home… sick… in bed… BLAH!

I’d much rather be at work, feeling good, creating art… But that just wasn’t my week!

So, in the 3 days with the kiddos, they did create some amazing things!  But I didn’t get as many pictures as I usually do because I just wasn’t feeling great!

But no matter how you feel, you can’t help but smile when you see these pumpkins, right?!

I LOVE this first grade lesson.  The kiddos learn about geometric and organic shapes, and used that knowledge to draw pumpkins from observation.  We then mix the primary colors to paint our pumpkins… throw in a few stars, a little moonlight… and voila:  Fairy tale pumpkins.

Cut to my shoes… What do you think?  I spilled a little blob of paint and then decided to just go for it. I was a little concerned that the paint wasn’t going to stick to the shoes, that it might just chip off, but it seems to have soaked into the canvas.  I think they may need a bright splash of color, but they’ll do for now!

These mobiles created by kindergarten were a bit of a surprise hit.  I stumbled on the idea while researching Mondrian on pinterest.  I really love the idea of having students create 2-d and 3-d versions of art work.  So to begin this lesson we collaged red, yellow, and blue squares.  We did a little printmaking along the way to keep things interesting…The following week we created a piece using the same key elements only instead of a 2-d, flat piece, we created 3-d hanging mobiles.  I was a bit afraid that the concept of taking something flat and bringing it to a 3rd dimension would be confusing, but not at all.  The kids loved it and  I love their results!

… And then little treasures like this… Left on my desk while I’m hurrying around doing a million things.  These may well be my favorite part of teaching:  The quiet, little notes that remind me how lucky I am to teach these germ-infested artists…  Definitely worth a couple sick days!

So that’s it for my week-ish in review.  I’m hoping next week will be a 5 day, healthy, and art filled!

With love,



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