Where does pink lemonade come from?

 “Where does pink lemonade come from?”

“From pink lemons… OF COURSE!”  Bahahah

I just crack myself up.

This goofy little joke got me started on a painting… a pink lemon painting to be specific.

I thought it would be funny to paint a pink lemon… and what’s a pink lemon without a partner painting… a green pair.

I admit, the green pair isn’t quite so clever (I like to call myself clever… as opposed to silly… or juvenille…)  But I wanted to set off the pink with a light green.  And I actually sort of like the ridiculous pink lemon next to a regular ol’ green pear… it makes you ponder color choice a bit more.

This is actually more of a collage than a painting.  I started by painting paper in greys, pinks and greens.  I, then, cut out the fruit and other details like leaves.  I used modge podge to hold everything in place… and there you have it.

So what do you do when life hands you pink lemons?  Make pink lemonade… or paint it at the very least.

With love,



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