Art room week in review

 Finally… back to normal.  After feeling yucky, sinusy, soar throaty the past couple weeks, I’m finally feeling like myself!  WOOHOO!  Health is a funny thing.  You take it for granted.  You forget how hard it is to function day-to-day when you just don’t feel good.

So, this week, I am feeling very grateful for my health.  I need to remember what a lucky person I am to feel normal most of the time!

With that little note of gratitude… on to art!  The photo to the left is the beginning of a kindergarten painting inspired by “Press Here” by Herve Tulet.  This book is one of my favorites.  I love childrens’ books, but this one stands out amongst all the books I love!  It is interactive and magical.  I have never read this book and had one single student bored.  They “OOOOOOO” and “AHHHHHH” as each page turns.  We painted and stamped circles after reading the book and next week we’ll paint in with the primary colors.

Fourth graders started a collage lesson based on Henri Matisse’s book “JAZZ”.  We looked at how Matisse use lettering in his art; we compared his art to contemporary bill boards with lettering; and finally we started our own collages using the letters we know best :  Our names.  I don’t really know why, but kids LOVE creating anything that includes their names. This lesson is a crowd pleaser!IMG_3294

Third graders continued their study of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work with a focus on craftsmanship.  We viewed her fall leaf paintings and discussed how she utilized overlapping in her composition to create depth.  Then we drew our own leaves.  We used black glue (Black paint+Glue+Blender) to trace our lines. The final step was the paint with watercolors.  We learned about warm and cool colors as we painted.

This is a lesson that I repeat year after year because the results are just so lovely.  Each of these is unique and beautiful in its own way.    

And this boy…  I swear I saw him moments before I snapped this picture and he was clean!!  I asked him what happened to his hands and his answer had me laughing so hard…. “Ummm, Art?”  The way he answered me with a little apologetic question in his voice cracked me up.

Sometimes art just happens.  I county myself as lucky… lucky in so many ways.  Lucky for my health, lucky that I get to be a witness to art happening all around me… lucky to be sure.

With love,



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