Art room week in review

 Every have one of those weeks where you think it’s Friday… but then you realize it’s only Thursday?!  WAAAAAAHHHH

Well aside from that harsh realization it was a great week in the art room.  I’m loving the 4th graders Matisse inspired letter collages.  Some of the kids incorporated pop up paper cutting.  The “Y” in Brady to the left pops up and has a second, different Y underneath.  I love how kids take what you teach them, run away with it, and make it their own.

Third graders splatter painted in either warm or cool colors and let me tell you, there is no joy like that of a child splatter painting.  They literally giggle and smile through this entire lesson.  I kind of hate splatter painting just because it’s a mess… But the kids love it so much I can’t resist.   And these trees… First graders look at Van Gogh’s tree paintings and discuss his color use.  We then used mixed media techniques to create these babies.  The kids used chalk pastels to color the sky, and painted paper to assemble the leaves on the trees and grass.  I love how the chalk creates depth and allows you to see the line quality that is so unique to each student.  This lesson is a new one to me and I’m beyond happy with the results.


The other week I shared with you how kindergarteners created mobiles after viewing Mondrian’s art, and my love of taking 2-dimensional art and making it 3-dimensions… so this week another twist:  Matisse organic mobiles.  2nd graders learned about Matisse, his process and his use of organic shapes.  They created 2-dimensional organic shape collages.  After these were complete the students turned their collages into mobiles.

I think that this method keeps kids on their toes, makes them think outside the box and also… kids just LOVE sculpture.  It’s something about the construction… there’s a certain wow factor that sculpture allows.

So, here’s to a new week… Welcome Monday and all the new messes, art and fun you bring!

With love,



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