Technology, Lent, and Life

It’s been such a long time!  There are many reasons I’ve been out of technological touch.  Busyness is first among the reasons!  Not sure I’m actually drawing breath some days.

But I’ve also made a concerted effort to take leave of technology.  I can get so caught up looking at other peoples’ family pictures on facebook… following stream after stream on instagram… I sometimes have to totally cut it out to remind myself of priorities.

So, for lent this year, I gave up social media.  This sounds so silly.  Just 10 years ago social media was not a part of my daily life.  But now… I don’t even want to know how many minutes, hours… I spend staring at a screen.

It was embarrassingly difficult to give up at first, but more recently, it has been liberating.  I have found myself reading every article in the paper, doing crosswords, and yes, taking time to write little notes on this blog (which is technically social media… and will automatically post to facebook… but I promise not to open facebook!).

I’m wondering if lent may overflow beyond Easter for me… I guess I never realized how all those minutes spent staring at a glowing screen add up to hours.  How those hours of extreme connectedeness make me feel somehow claustrophobic.  I had forgotten how free I feel with my phone on “do not disturb” and all that matters right in front of me.


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