Art Room Week in Review


It’s been a long time since I posted art room pictures!  Here are a few random, fun photos from this week…

Preschool read “Little Yellow, Little Blue” by Leo Lionni and created these masterpieces by pushing a ping pong ball through yellow and blue paint.  The resulting pieces look very active…. and very green!


First Grade has been studying the art of America.  We’ve studied Jasper Johns, Peter Max, and Romero Britto.  These pieces examine size variety and repetition just like Jasper Johns’ “3 Flags”.IMG_5641

These koinobori and “Great Waves” were created by second graders during their exploration of Asian art.  We studied the culture and work of Japanese artist Hokusai.

And these 3rd grade desert landscapes just make me happy.  We studied  Georgia O’Keeffe’s use of color theory (specifically warm/cool colors).  We were inspired by her landscapes painted in New mexico.  O’Keeffe lessons are always a hit.  Her work is so like-able.  Kids always “oooo and ahhhh” at her work…and I always “ooooo and ahhhhh” at the work they create in response.




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