Watercolor Easter eggs

On one of my many pilgrimages  Target this week, I set out looking for an egg dying kit… a SIMPLE Easter egg dying kit.  You can tye-dye your Easter eggs, cover them with stickers or glitter, turn them into Star Wars characters…. Those vinegar solutions that result in such pure, pastel colors were no where to be found.

I’m sure there are homemade recipes that yield a similar result… Ones that involve pain painstakingly peeling beets, soaking them for days, and then dipping your eggs… all while you sip tea, knead homemade bread, and count the endless hours you have left at your disposable.


Cut to watercolors.  I already had them in the house and goodness knows I’ve seen many kids test the “non-toxic” label, so I can’t imagine that they’ll poison the eggs (Update:  I’m alive, not poison).

And I’m loving the results.  Depending on the amount of water you put into the paint you can go from a saturated, pure hue all the way to a light, glowing pastel.

If you wet the egg a bit, and then load up the brush it bleeds in a wonderfully, beautiful way.  Even when a heavy handed, 3 year old is wielding the brush the results are delicate.

I’m thinking I may try round 2 and dab with Saran-wrap.  This method creates a marbled look on paper that I’m pretty sure will transfer to eggs no problem.



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